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November 19, 2015
The art of accessorising
December 10, 2015

A bridesmaid’s saga

You know it, I know it, and so does the one getting married. The most important person at any wedding is one sitting / hanging around the bride. From holding on to her heavy lehnga, to offering water & fruits, bridesmaids are the next center of attention (obvs after the bride) in every big fat indian wedding! And so this year if you happen to be that lucky bridesmaid you have a helluva job to do… starting with shopping for that perfect wedding wardrobe.

PS: Here I am at your rescue!

Most often than not, bridesmaids are utterly confused as to what to wear for their bffs wedding. How heavy/ light being the epicenter of all discussions? Momma says heavy jewelry, you say designer clothes, and then you end up looking like a bride-to-be. Err.. not a very nice situation to be in, right?

Hence, I decided to put together a wedding-day look for you with a real bridesmaid doing a roleplay for us before her best friend’s wedding next month. Reema is super excited for the wedding she’s been planning with her bff since forever, but, she doesn’t deny the anxiety of looking her best on d-day. Well, you never know who’s got their eyes on you 😉


This look is a lesson on how to dress up for your bffs wedding. A cape lehenga like this by designer Anushree Agarwal is a perfect solution for any bridesmaid. Bright colour, comfortably light, fuss free with no dupatta, and a medium heavy appeal of it gives you freedom to accessorise. Its an ideal destination wedding outfit, as its feather light- which makes it travel friendly, easy to run around in & dance in + you can dress it up or down with clever accessorizing. Capes are the most trending silhouette this season, and you cant deny its versatility on various body shapes. Anushree’s festive collection is bang on trend, with an array of options to choose from. An assortment of trendy silhouettes & colours makes sure your bridesmaid-fashion-quotient is at top of your game!








Tips to remember while choosing ‘the’ outfit for your bff’s wedding-

  • Pick colors that look good in pictures. After all its pictures that lasts forever.
  • Decide on that one thing you want to focus on: a lehenga/ sari that speaks for itself, or a piece of jewelry that could be a real head turner.
  • Make sure you know what the bride (i.e. your bff) is wearing that day. Colour coordination is good, but avoid matching it all the way as its HER most important day. Don’t take away the attention from her, and choose your outfit wisely.
  • Avoid a dupatta. And if you can’t, pin it up to the T. There’ll be lot of running around and you don’t want a wardrobe malfunction, do you?
  • You are a makeup junkie? Good. But avoid being a pancake. Let the happiness and excitement shine through. Wear minimal makeup focusing either on your eyes or lips.

A Big Thankyou to Reema Badiani, for being such a beautiful bridesmaid. Lots of love & hugs to you.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures 🙂 Part II of the bridesmaid’s saga is coming soon. Until then,


Chikky Goenka

Wardrobe Courtesy: ANUSHREE AGARWAL

PC: Harshika Tantia

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