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August 11, 2015
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September 4, 2015

#stylemarathon: IRRIS

Today’s women love dressing their homes as much as they love dressing up themselves. I am one of them, and I work on the assumption that a house is successful if it’s pleasant to live in. My surrounding echoes me… Layers and colors, bits of old things mixed with new, like a patchwork!

Point being made, when you want to buy something for your home that brings a contemporary look with a touch of tradition, you’d expect Kolkata to be the best place for it. But ‘from where’ is the real question?

One fine morning I got an invite to visit a store thats right at the heart of the city. With no background study but full enthusiasm I tripped into this place, welcomed by a warm owner, introducing me to a one stop solution for all your home-ly needs (if I can say so). There I was, like a child in a candy store.. at IRRIS.


Irris came to be born about eight years back, as a go-to space to offer art and design solutions. Especially directing at the new-gen Kolkata households, which reflects the characteristic personality of the people living in it. Everything that caters to “lifestyle” is found here under one roof- be it art, lights, installations, furniture, accessories, soft furnishing, clothes or gifts for any occasion.

As I entered the store various items caught my eye. From paintings, tables and couches, lamps, wooden platters, to wall hangings, mirrors, upholstery, comfortable cottons and many such things. Here are the top picks from the store.




Irris is different from most of the other furnishing stores in the city as all of its produces are made in India and most of them are handmade by the traditional artisans of West Bengal. It has an amazing range of products for all age groups. They live up to the expectations of our elders, and at the same time appeal more to the younger, global contemporary sensibilities in us.



Another interesting aspect about Irris that makes it unique is that it stocks a wide range of distinct products for gifting solutions. Catering to every pocket size, there are options you cant get enough of. TWO of such products will be up for grab tomorrow on my INSTAGRAM page!

This was  my very first attempt at covering a lifestyle store. If you like what you read don’t forget to leave a comment & tell me about it!

Until then,


Follow IRRIS here: https://www.facebook.com/irrishomedecor

Or visit there store at

6 Russel Street
Kolkata -700071
Phone : 033 40704189

PC: Adisha Jain Photography

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