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July 13, 2015
#stylemarathon: Ankita Dokania
August 11, 2015

#stylemarathon: OMMYRA

Style-o-graph has recommended Ommyra in the past. (Here). And this time again, it has made it to the style marathon series. You may ask why? And I would say ‘Why not!’ Calcutta has a handful of good multi-designer stores, and Ommyra being a year and a half old is one to reckon with. Making an interesting concoction of fashion week and budding designers, the store is for women who love to adorn fusion ethnic wear without making a hole in the pocket. This time around Ommyra has taken a step ahead and launched its Menswear section with designers Navna Mehra, Urmila and Priyanka, Exclusive by Ritu Kedia. We are well aware that menswear category in Kolkata is bleak, but men’s fashion isn’t. Men have started to experiment and stay abreast with what’s trending and what’s not.  Whilst I was scouting labels for the styleograph series, this news struck a chord. I thought to myself, how about styling a couple and shoot them in Ommyra’s beautiful clothes. And what better than lodging a pre-wedding shoot!
Introducing – Prachi Chajjer and Harsh Mehta. Fallen in love and egged to soon get married, Prachi-Harsh are one of those good-looking-picture-perfect couples. Not only are they complete camera freaks, their chemistry is infectious and clearly reflects in the pictures. I had a hard time shortlisting images for the blog, as each one was unique and had a story to share. Prachi is today’s modern ambitious girl with goals and aspirations.  As much as she loves her leather jackets and distressed denims she has a Bollywood side to her that loves dancing round the trees in lacy romantic gowns. So to keep it simple yet sassy, I picked up an ombre maxi gown, with a sheer lace detailing on it. Harsh, a lawyer in the making, loves his white shirt and blue denims. Sticking to the basics, I simply added a waist-coat for a semi-formal look. And there you can see the result! Two of them making a stunning picture together.
Waistcoat (on Harsh), Gown, Earrings – Ommyra, Bag-Showsha
PS – Thankyou Harsh & Prachi for being so cooperative and amazing! Styleograph wishes the two of you a happy life ahead. <3
Hope you like what you see! Tell me how you like it in the comments below and don’t forget to participate in the Giveaway contest that i’ll announce on my Instagram page tomorrow morning.
Until then.
Eat. Sleep. DressUp. Repeat
Chikky Goenka.
Photography by the amazing Adisha Jain.
Makeup on Prachi by Vatsala Bhagat.
Shoot assisted by Shailly Kochar and Sejal Agarwal.
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