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April 15, 2015
May 19, 2015

~Designer Talk with Sasha Grewal~

This has to be one of the many interesting interviews I have done in my life so far. Tête-à-tête with the designer whose brand is an absolute favorite with celebrities, socialites, as well as fashion enthusiasts!
Two skilled sisters Sasha & Kaabya Grewal are the inspirational faces behind Outhouse Jewelry- a label that has become synonymous with ‘statement jewelry’ in India. They say, style is about making a statement, and true to that their brand screams innovation & confidence; which is why their twitter handle also reads “Outhouse Jewelry is for the fun, fearless and audacious.

I was excited to find out more about the brand, about the designer, and other things while she was down in the city last month at FUSS. Read on to know more..

Q. As a designer who is your ultimate muse?

My ultimate muse is Pernia (Qureshi) as she is an epitome of being the style icon. She combines accessories and clothes in the best way. Never going wrong with how she puts it all together. So I think she is my ultimate muse.

Q. Every season you come back for Fuss, what is that one thing you’d like to take back from the city?

Well, I am really impressed by the architecture which was build in the colonial era. And also the architecture built by the Indians back in the day. I am really fascinated by the chandeliers of the hotels, specifically because I haven’t been around in Calcutta too much. Later, I would like to build a collection inspired by the beautiful chandeliers of the city.

Q. If you weren’t a jewelry designer, What would you be?

If I weren’t a jewellery designer I would want to be.. Um.. (Pauses to think) I don’t know I will always be a jewellery designer!

If I wasn’t a jewelry designer I would have gone to New York to be a Victoria secret model I think. I am really fascinated by all of them (giggles..) They are such vibrant women and always at a go. You look at them; they are a great inspiration to me.

Q. Accessories are all about styling and because your collections are so bold, how important is styling?

Well I think styling a piece is very important because you might end up wearing a very stunning piece but if you’ve teamed it up with a wrong outfit or you’ve over done it, it might lose its spark. Its very important to have a balance of what you’re wearing and the occasion you’re wearing it for. So sometimes it can be that you’re wearing it for a very stunning occasion or something like where you are hosting it. I think you can go all out. But by putting EVERYTHING together it might just lose its individuality. It’s very important to understand the piece you’re wearing and team it up with right kind of clothing.

Q. So what drives your work ethic?

It’s passion and I think that’s an every day thing which keeps us going-to always surprising us by doing better and better with each collection; not be in competition or not doing anything to make any quotients but yes always doing better to up yourself.

Q. A good tip for young designers?

Just be different and put your inner self out there. Have inspirations, but try to stand out by creating something, which is extremely different, which can leave a mark in the fashion industry for who you are. I mean the inspiration should not be driven that it ends up looking like something else it should always be something which defines you as a person. Never worry about the masses, always worry about their inner side I think. That’s the most important thing.

A big big Hug to Sasha for taking out time & chatting with us! Style-o-graph team wishes you best of luck for your upcoming collections & new stores. X

Hope you liked what you read. Let us know by commenting below..

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