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January 27, 2015
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April 11, 2015

On Demand: Summer Beauty Essentials 2015

Hello Hello! Today’s Post mentions “On Demand”- clearly, because after my Social Media update of my Summer Beauty Essentials 2015 you guys asked for a detailed post on the same 🙂 I’m not a MUA or an expert to critique on beauty products, but you know we always prefer a review or a second hand information before investing or experimenting with something thats New and ‘trending’! So here are my picks of top 5 products that i am currently crushing on. Literally. I really wanted to write a LOT about it so i decided to use just one picture. As for more, you can always google 😛



NYX soft matte lip cream
Orange is the new black. Period. You must be hearing this for over a season. And it’s true. Everyone’s ‘investing’ in Orange in some way or the other. And if you are one of those many people who is constantly looking for that ‘it’ shade of orange lipstick your wait is over. The ”Antwerp” by Nyx is not just a hot seller product in every sepbora store (India) , it’s believed to be a perfect shade for the Indian skin tone. Mix it with a nude base or go pop with a gloss, this matte shade is a sure winner for everyday application. You are going to *so* thank me for this one !


Chanel NO5
Chanel No 5 is more than just a perfume, its a way of life. Launched 90 years ago, i only decided to buy this last summer & have been addicted to it since then. nothing speaks classy, sophisticated, empowered & refreshing at the same time as this one! Have been recommending this to everyone, and i seriously feel you guys should give it a try. And tell me how much you loved it! okay? OK.


Anna Sui Mascara
We all know that a mascara is evry girls best friend. Right so, Anna sui’s mascara is going to be your very loyal friend. It’s curved wand opens up your eyes, and separates eye lashes without making you look like a panda. Usp? It adds Volume & length to the lashes+ its feather light for those eyes.


Limited edition lulu Guinness Tangle Teezer
Found in every budget, a tangle teezer is a good looking nano size thing for your big tote bag. My new found love, tangle teezer is a steal for people with dry, unruly, or curly hair. Say bye bye to big paddle brushes and wide toothed combs, this product is not just high on utility, it’s ultra cute to flaunt around. Isn’t it?


Pieces Metallic Tattoo
If you are the one who can’t take the pain of getting inked, lucky for you metallic tattoo is the chicest accessory of the season. You don’t need a cartier jewellery if you are bold enough to flaunt them. All the major fashion houses have flaunted their custom tats on the runway. If you are the It girl who’s inspiration is Cara Delevingne then buying these in gold+silver is a must beauty essential.


Hope you guys like my FIRST ever review on Summer beauty products trending in 2015.
And don’t forget to,
Chikky Goenka


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