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November 12, 2014
Hello Burberry!
November 26, 2014

How to style a brooch: 4 amazing ways!

hello readers!
I am so glad to announce that on the 12th & 13th of December, I bring to you India’s first cccessory store in the form of a pop-up shop at Zasu Studio, Kolkata. Currently housing around 20 accesory designers from all over India, NIMAI is situated in Shahpurjat Delhi. A brainchild of Pooja Roy Yadav, who decided to bring together some of India’s talented designers under one roof.
NIMAI is like the gift of god for all accessory lovers. And I am no different. Bitten by the bug I left the store with handful of classic pieces of jewellery. One of which you can see me wearing on the blog today 🙂
This, Vintage DIOR Brooch by Viange is high on glam as well as utility as it adds that touch of classiness to any blah outfit!
Brooches are perhaps the oldest type of jewellery. Originated from a basic idea of holding the cloth together, it has evolved over
time not just in shape but usefulness as well. Brooches have made a major comeback this season, with Vintage fashion playing a big role. Be it bejewelled, classic to uber cool & funky, it has made its mark in the world of fashion. Be it SJP or Ms. Middleton, brooches have  always managed to find its way into the fashionistas’ closet.
We’ve all spotted people wearing brooches in different ways on different occasions. Rightly said, there is no one way of wearing a brooch, some people get confused when it comes to pairing the brooch with the right outfit, to create maximum impact. Very understandable. And that’s why I am here!
Here are four simple and super awesome ways to flaunt a brooch that you need to know, Now!
Dress-Zara, Jacket-Only, DIOR Vintage Brooch- NIMAI (Viange), Clucth- Gayatri Chopra Bags, Earrigs-Kansyas, Scarf-Satya Paul, Neckpiece-BCBG
Play around with a brooch by being creative and using it in different ways. Other ways to wear a brooch is to pin up on a hat, at the centre of your purse/clutch or over a belt. Tell me how would you like to pair your brooch with? Put it up on Instagram/ Twitter and tag me @officialchikkygoenka (instagram) Chikkygoenka (twitter).
Until then,
Chikky Goenka
Photography by : Malvika Periwal (CLICKART)


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