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October 18, 2014
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November 15, 2014

Trending Now: #normcore

This season, let your personality shine through! Entering Fall, let’s welcome another trend- Normcore, effortless chic. A term defined as a bland anti-style, or a ‘Normal Outfit’ trend. It is primarily defined as “dress like your daddy”.


Everyone is so unique that its not unique anymore. Blending in is the latest fashion. Simply put, it’s not about standing ‘out’ but fitting ‘in’. A detail-free styling that suggests ingrained authority & inner confidence. But how to wear Normcore? Ah! It’s simple. Don’t try too hard. It’s OK to go for brunch in a white shirt and blue jeans, Or to attend that ‘it’ party in tailored trousers and cashmere sweater. The fact is – we’ve become so obsessed with standing out, looking different & wearing statement pieces, it gets mundane after a while. It’s time we sit back and let our soul & intelligence do the shouting! Call it Special Normal or Perfect Boring.


I am excited to introduce you to this fashion jargon, and what I chose to wear resulted to be the quickest decision of my life. 😛 I picked up skinny sweat pants and knitted sweater to face the pleasant evenings in Kolkata. A black fringe bag, old school shoes, daddy’s watch, and a thrift pair of sunnies (and sometimes nerdy glasses) just to make Normcore look chic! Hair was barely styled for ‘out of the bed look’, and makeup was  just about Masacara and Nude Lips.
















Sweater-Forever21, Sweatpants-Zara, Bag-H&M, Sunglasses-Thrifted, Watch-Omega, Shoes-Bata.

I hope you liked my take on the ‘Normcore’. Go out and don’t be afraid to be you. Step out in your favourite sweatshirt, tracksuit or boyfriend jeans. Keep it simple and let your attitude do the talking.
Also, a big shoutout to the new member on board. The super talented Malvika Periwal for clicking stunning pictures and making me look oh-so-cool.

Before I say Bye-Bye, I would like to tell my readers from Kolkata that next month, you can shop around 15 accessory designers from all over India only at the NIMAI pop-up shop, being curated exclusively for You!! I hope you are as excited as I am. More details on the same will be shared very soon 😀

Until then,
Chikky Goenka
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