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September 18, 2014
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November 12, 2014

Style-o-graph recommends: Ommyra

Hello readers! I’m back from a long holiday, and all I need is another holiday to get over its’ hangover 😛 . Although i’m happy to return and share my travel-diary secrets with you, i know you are going through a pre-festive mayhem-aka revamping your wardrobe, organizing house parties, running around for outfit alterations, AND still deciding on what to wear for the card parties, and Diwali functions! Well, I empathize and exactly know how it feels (yes, being a stylist doesn’t make me any different). So I decided to do this post for a quick store-update that promises to solve all your last moment shopping dilemmas.

Style-o-graph recommends OMMYRA


At Ommyra with Seema Agarwal

Ommyra, a multi-designer store, located in the heart of the city of Joy, constantly experiencing the hustle bustle of shoppers, is run by a designer turned entrepreneur Ms. Seema Aggarwal. Looking to attract women of all genres and age groups, the selection of designers at the store is an interesting cocktail of young designers from all over the country and some reknowned names in the fashion world. Personally curated by Seema (whose age is just a facade) herself, the store ambience is vibrant with an eclectic mix of accessory designers and a compelling installation called ‘Karkhana’ that enhances the feel of the store.

And how did I learn about the store?
Last month, around the same time, I was invited to be a part of Ommyra’s 1st anniversary celebration.  I also conducted a styling session there on basic styling and bodyshape analysis. The focus was on – what to wear this festive season according to your bodyshape, how to drape the same dupatta in multiple ways to change the look of the attire, what is “in” this fall/winter in terms of color, cut, and, silhouette. And more. Post session, people went around shopping in the store like a kid in the candy store. Surely, my tips helped them 😉





It was interesting to see how people from different age groups came forward to attend the workshop (honestly surprising) and how they took detailed interest while throwing back questions at me and clearing their doubts! Here, you can see me interacting with people, and sharing some tips and tricks on body-shape styling. 


The 5-day anniversary bash was also covered by the leading newspaper of Kolkata, The Telegraph, and here’s what they had to say 😀


After seeing the collection, Ommyra immediately landed on ‘Style-o-graph recommends’ list, and I decided to share and update you with the same. I hope I was able to pull you out with the last moment shopping dilemma.

P.S: You can also avail a 5% discount on your total billing amount if you tell them you are a style-o-graph reader. Only for my lovely readers! 🙂

Designers available: Myra, Sahil Kochhar, Anuj Sharma, Gaurav & Ritika, Ravage, Dolly J, Urvashi Kaur, Puri Doshi, Swati Agarwal couture, Krishna Mehta, Gautam Gupta, Rriso, TAD, Kokommo, and many more.

Price range- Rs 1500 onwards

Go shop, till you drop. Until then,


Chikky Goenka


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