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May 27, 2014
Summer Essentials 2014
June 4, 2014

Lust List: Pretty Pastels

Pastels: One of those trends that keeps coming back only to remind us that
‘Summer is Here’.
Its fun, flirty and very modern. This Season, more popular than ever are the hues of Sweet Blush Pink, Sky Blue and Sorbet Yellow which imparts a magical glow and is absolutely refreshing. It’s time to get rid of those dark shades and start having fun with this lustworthy trend. From Burberry in the west to Anamika Khanna back home, designers can’t get enough of this delicate palette, which is good enough to be eaten! 😉
When my Bff Karishma and I decided to play with the ‘second favorite trend of the season’ (remember my last post?), we turned up at the shoot location swaggering in the apparel by the same designer: Nishka Lulla. What a happy coincidence it was!
Yes that is Karishma in a shirt dress with a sphagetti top inside, accessorizing in a long cross chain, a midi ring, round sunnies, a never-full tote bag and ballerina lace shoes- subtly hinting at heading straight for a lunch date & shopping hopping with our girlfriends! What do u think we did post shoot? 😉
ShirtDress-Nishka Lulla,Shoes-forever21,Neckpiece-Asos,Midiring-Valliyan by Nitya Arora,Bag-Louis Vuitton, Belt-Promod,Sunglasses-Aldo.
I am in a ‘frosting on my cupcake dress’. As much as I love the edible name, this sexy wrap dress is an easy-breezy and perfect for any weather (If you are from Calcutta, you will dig it!). I chose round sunnies, a choker with pearls and a midi ring to accessorise my flirty dress. A little bit of drama never hurts, and the bug sandals does full justice to it!
Dress-NishkaLullaforStylista,Shoes-Zara,Neckpiece-Romwe,Bag-LouisVuitton,Sunglasses-Prada,Midiring-Valliyan by NityaArora.
PS: The key to style this trend is to pair it with muted colors, and lighter material/ fabric.
Take a cue from this actress who’s often spotted in pretty pastels.
{Kangna Ranaut in Burberry & Dior }
Don’t forget to take a picture of you in Pastels & Tag me on instagram or twitter with the hashtag ‘Pastel Galore’.
Until then,
Chikky Goenka


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