Boyfriend Jeans: This way or That way?
May 27, 2014



They say Calcutta is a city of joy, and often that joy comes from our heritage culture, street food, Howrah bridge, mishti doi, maa mati manush, et al.But that’s an old man’s tale, literally. Today, people here are getting drawn towards the Fashion flurry and how! So I decided to get down to some real stylish work and besides my styling consultancy, start with this blog. How else are you going to get addicted to me, yeah! My views and vision of fashion are my own, and I’m going to guide you in finding your true style! Not because you don’t know it, but because you deserve someone who’s more honest than your best friend. Yes right.
I look forward to blogging my rendezvous with fashion & all things related. From sharing my views on news that’s trending in the fashion forums to giving you a flavor of my style sensibilities. A lot said and done, lets get going! The B in the blogger is set to blog and take you by storm.
Feel free to share your opinions, and give your feedback. I strive to improve and learn from you. Leave your valuable comments, tell me what you like about my posts & what you don’t.
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Chikky Goenka


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