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June 22, 2017
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April 26, 2018

Being in a unique position at work that I am, my role shifts at every opportunity that I get to spread awareness about the fashion-socio situation in the country. Sometimes as a blogger, sometimes as a stylist, sometimes as a curator or at unique times, as a host, representing brands that corroborate my ethos.

It’s the best time to be in the city. From high-street to luxury, more and more brands are now marking it’s grand entry. One of many is Paul & Shark, that opened it’s doors to the people of Kolkata earlier this month.

I had the honour of co-hosting this stylish brand along with Mr Andrea Dini, CEO Paul & Shark, & Mr Darshan Mehta, CEO Reliance Brands Limited.

Paul & Shark ventured into India with Reliance Brands Limited in 2010 with it’s first store in DLF Emporio Delhi, followed by Mumbai, Bangalore and finally making it’s way into the city of joy. Spread across 73 different countries, the brand once inspired by Yachting, soon became known for sportswear, smart casual and luxury lines, combining technical fabrics with elegant and stylish details.

The brand that continuously aims to seek excellence both in quality and manufacturing, is now open at Quest Mall, Kolkata. We invited men & women that represent the spirit of the brand. Spontaneous, fun & sophisticated are few words that describe a Paul & Shark man.

I can go on talking about the brand and the party, but I’ll keep it short and let pictures do the talking!



Fun facts about Paul & Shark

Offers clothing for Men, women, children along with accessories.

(ONLY Menswear available in Kolkata)

Starting at INR 10,000 the range goes upto INR 80,000

You identify the brand with the logo of a Shark

Paul & Shark Pullover: a sailing sweater has become an icon of the P&S Style

Popularly known for their water repellent knitwear collection

From sourcing raw materials to manufacturing, every aspect of each product is made in Italy




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